Our attorneys are particularly well-positioned to serve clients interested in doing business in the UK, Europe and Eurasia and have over 50 years of combined experience doing business in these markets.

Our objective is to strictly observe local and national customs and norms while striving to apply proven Western methodology and legal, problem-solving strategies to best serve our clients in Eastern Europe. This objective necessitates the involvement of a multinational team of attorneys and business counselors, a capability that is also extremely effective when additional parties from third countries are involved.  Our approach to providing legal services is deliberately multi-cultural, multi-lingual and international in order to master the challenges faced by our clients.

Services provided and representative transactions include Creation of Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, and Distributor and Dealer Agreements.  We assist in framing and forming strategic alliances, joint ventures, and the creation of other legal entities. We also assist in locating appropriate business partners and negotiating a proper business relationship between the parties.

Representative Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Supply Agreements:

  • Negotiated favorable supply and finance agreements between Russian clients and Archer Daniels Midland, Whirlpool (U.S.), Grand Metropolitan (UK) and Eurobake.
  • Represented an alcohol and spirits company in a joint venture agreement to create an alcoholic drinks trading company and bonded warehouse. Partners included ALKO of Finland and Felix Solis Bodegas of Spain.
  • Negotiated and prepared distributor agreements for a U.S. equipment manufacturer for territories in Eastern Europe.
  • Corporate Law and Finance – The European Practice Group provides advice, documentation, office registration and general corporate, international corporate, and corporate finance services to our clients.

Representative Corporate Law and Finance Transactions:

  • Supervised preparation of a feasibility study for a U.S. commercial equipment manufacturer seeking to enter the Eastern European market.
  • Prepared a feasibility study for the relocation of an Eastern European corporation to Vienna, Austria, and its re-registration as an Austrian holding company. Analysis included the assessment of relative tax advantages of several European, American and off-shore jurisdictions.
  • Prepared Executive Summary of issues in entering the Eastern European market for a U.S. computer company.
  • Formed and acted as general counsel for a U.S. metals trading company operating exclusively in Eastern Europe.
  • Handled all employment matters for an unincorporated association of enterprises in Eastern European.

Representative Privatization and Acquisition Transactions:

  • Advised on and executed the purchase of a majority share of stock in an Eastern European refrigerated boat fleet for fish processing. The strategy involved a series of pre-planned individual purchases of shares and simultaneous negotiations with the corporation’s management during the takeover. We also assisted in boat registration, valuation of the fleet, management of the fleet, sales of individual vessels and assets. We have also been instrumental in packaging the fleet as collateral in other transactions.
  • Prepared legal work and participated in negotiations with management and local authorities for the acquisition of a flax-processing factory and a linen production complex in Eastern Europe. Subsequent activities included preparation of all ballots and documentation for a general shareholders’ meeting resulting in our client’s agents ascending onto the Board of Directors in a majority position.

Representative Regulatory and Tax Transactions:

  • Regulatory and Tax – We assist clients in complying with the constantly changing regulatory and tax environment and representing them before governmental agencies, particularly in tax and customs matters, both in the East and West. We negotiate and litigate disputes with governmental agencies when necessary.
  • Successfully arbitrated an agreement with the Russian Federal Tax Authorities clearing our client of any violation of the tax code, and saving USD $17 million in taxes and penalties.
  • Assisting and advising a U.S. manufacturer in obtaining legal certification enabling it to sell its machine systems in Russia.
  • Represented numerous Eastern European enterprises in commercial claims in the city commercial courts.

Representative Immigration Transactions:

  • Immigration – We assist corporations and individuals with immigration matters including work visas, and other lawful forms of relief.
  • Obtained numerous business visas for residents of Eastern European Countries traveling to the U.S. for business purposes.
  • Represented numerous applicants from Eastern European in seeking lawful immigration to the U.S. based on marriage to a U.S. citizen, employment with a U.S. firm, and other forms of lawful relief under the U.S. immigration laws.

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