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Employment Myths Busted… Again

The Internet’s vast resources provide employees with access to information about employment laws and regulations – which may be inaccurate or taken out of proper context. This is becoming increasingly true in response to employers’ handling of COVID-19 restrictions,... read more

12 Ways Estate Planning Can Benefit You

An effective estate plan usually includes a will, a trust, a durable general power of attorney, and a designation of patient advocate.  It is well worth the time and effort to put an estate plan into place because the plan will enable you to achieve important... read more

Pets in Divorce

In this month’s American Bar Association Journal, I read an article discussing attorney Mark Cushing’s book entitled “Pet Nation: The Inside Story of How Companion Animals Are Transforming Our Homes, Culture and Economy.” The subject of his book is the generational... read more

Administering a Digital Estate

By: Rachel Selina   As technology evolves, so does the process by which personal representatives deal with property during probate. Michigan’s Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act, passed in 2016, addresses the increased use of online accounts. The Act provides... read more

Legal Considerations for Remote Work Policy

By: Sandro D. DiMercurio   The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many employers to implement a Remote Work policy within their respective organizations. Many states issued stay-at-home orders which caused employers to transition, on the fly, from a traditional office... read more

Are you ready for divorce?

By: John J. Schrot Jr. If you are reading this you may be contemplating the prospect of divorce. Divorce is a significant decision, which undoubtedly will alter your life. A decision to divorce should be measured. A divorce generally takes much more financial and... read more

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

By: David M. Foy Testing after Positive for COVID-19 or Exhibiting COVID-19 Symptoms If an employee tests positive, they should isolate for 10 days after the positive test. If the employee thinks they have COVID-19 because they are exhibiting symptoms, employers can... read more

How has COVID-19 affected the EB-5 program?

By: Randolph M. Wright and Simon M. Edelstein The EB-5 visa program is also known as the Immigrant Investor Program. The program grants lawful permanent residency status  to a foreign individual who makes a qualifying investment in a new commercial enterprise. The... read more

Child custody and substance abuse

By: John J. Schrot, Jr. Drug and alcohol abuse/addiction is definitely a consideration when it comes to determining custody of a child, whether in the context of a divorce, post-divorce, a non-marital situation, child protection proceeding, or otherwise. Parenting... read more

Common pitfalls in the sale of goods internationally

By: Omar Sawaf In an increasingly  globalized world, mid/small sized U.S. manufacturers are tapping into international markets to boost revenues (and vice versa).  These efforts offer tremendous opportunity, but also carry risk for the inexperienced firm.  A critical... read more

The Importance of Trademark and Copyright Protection

Berry Moorman attorneys first make sure that no one else has registered a similar name, logo, or tag line, etc. If the Mark is new to your business, we recommend contacting us to perform a registration search prior to expending money on the new Mark, in case you run the risk of having your registration application denied.

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What is a Revocable Living Trust?

A revocable living trust is a legal relationship where a trustee holds title to trust assets for the benefit of the trust beneficiary. The person who creates the trust and transfers his or her assets to it is called the grantor or settlor.

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Legal Marijuana and Family Law

By John Schrot, Jr.
Be careful if and when you light up, or otherwise consume, marijuana, as you may get burned. In spite of shifting legal and cultural norms, using recreational or medical marijuana can work to your disadvantage in divorce and/or child custody/parenting time cases.

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FMLA Case Law Update for Employers

By David M. Foy, Esq. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished After Leave Given to Ineligible Employee In 2018, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals considered whether summary judgment was warranted where an employee was terminated after she was unable to return to work on a... read more

Does your Rental Property Qualify for a 199A Deduction?

The IRS, in its new proposed Section 199A regulations, defines when a rental property qualifies for the 20 percent tax deduction under new tax code Section 199A. One part of the good news on this clarification is that it does not require that we learn any new... read more

Primer on Crowdfunding 2018

By Randolph M. Wright With entrepreneurs facing difficulties raising enough funding for their startups, crowdfunding has become increasingly popular. Crowdfunding involves using social networking and a strong product campaign to gather support from the general public... read more

Unmarried Cohabitation Relationships

By John Schrot, Jr.
A client recently advised me that her daughter became engaged and the couple plan to marry in the near future.  As the intended couple have only known each other briefly, she further related her belief that the couple should in the interim cohabitate to better understand one another; and, she asked me about the complications thereof.  I suggested, in part, their use of a cohabitation agreement.

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