Federal Court Trial Results in Big Win for Municipal Client

Recently, a jury returned a verdict in favor of Berry Moorman P.C.’s municipal client after a six day trial.  The firm’s client was sued in 2014 by a former employee who quit his job, but claimed that he was constructively discharged for engaging in whistleblowing activities and in retaliation for taking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.  At trial, the former employee was seeking $540,000 in economic damages in addition to non-economic damages for emotional distress and reimbursement of all attorney fees.

The employer acknowledged that the former employee was a whistle-blower and that he took FMLA leave, but denied that it retaliated against the employee or caused him to quit.

The Berry Moorman defense team – led by Sheryl Laughren, vindicated the municipality with a no cause of action verdict on all claims.