Berry Moorman Attorney Sheryl Laughren provided a legal update on “Employment Law Hot Topics” to the Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA) during the 2019 MALA Annual Conference.

The annual MALA Conference, took place on May 15, 2019 in the Lansing Center, in Lansing, Michigan.

Sheryl Laughren’s presentation at the annual seminar covered topics related to changes and potential changes to Labor and Employment Laws under the new administration, Marijuana in the workplace, Family and Medical Leave Act abuse, the Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act, and other Labor and Employment Law Hot topics which impact workforce and human resource management.

The Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA), is a nonprofit organization representing approximately 4,200 assisted living, residential and vocational services programs serving 40,000 individuals, that include nurses, social workers, human resource directors, nursing home administrators, and other healthcare administrators and professionals.