Berry Moorman Immigration Practice Group
Berry Moorman’s Immigration Practice Group services a diverse client base ranging from multi-national corporations, skilled individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and investors to temporary workers and students. We offer our clientele focused, custom-tailored services so they can gain admittance to, or remain in, the US We do not mass-market legal solutions with a one-size-fits-all approach. We bring our full resources to bear on each client’s situation

The Immigration Practice Group generally charges a fixed fee plus costs and expenses for the work. However, we understand that today’s legal and business environment requires a flexible approach to legal service fee structures. We will consider fee alternatives, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to the highest level of legal expertise and support.

We take professional development seriously and expand our insights through regular participation in professional conferences and American Immigration Lawyers Association seminars, panels and research. Our lawyers participate actively in the legal community.

Through experience and hard work, our Immigration Practice Group has gained a high level of proficiency and a depth of knowledge in immigration matters. Our skill gives us the ability to transform a client’s fact pattern into a logical plan to meet the client’s needs. Frequently, we are called in to advise or to assist after an individual or employer has encountered difficulty with the immigration authorities or is involved in the removal process.

The following is a general outline of the immigration-related services that our Immigration Practice Group provides:
  • Advice as to most feasible and/or practical immigration and non-immigration classification that should be pursued for a particular individual;
  • Preparation of all immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions and supporting documentation;
  • Preparation of, or providing general consultation and assistance in the preparation of, other applications generally associated with US employment of foreign nationals (e.g., non-immigrant visa applications before US Consulates abroad, extension of non-immigrant visas, advance parole applications, re-entry permits); and
  • Representation in the removal process.
Non-Immigrant, Temporary Visas.
  • B Visas for business persons and tourists.E Visas for investors and traders.F Visas for students.H Visas for professionals.
    J Visas for exchange visitors.
    K Visas for fiancée.
    L Visas for intra-company transfer.
    TN Visas for NAFTA professionals.
Employment-Based Permanent Residence (Green Cards).
  • These include:Aliens with Extraordinary Ability.Outstanding Professors and Researchers.Certain Multinational Executives and Managers.
    Professionals with Advanced Degrees.
    Skilled Workers.
    Other Workers.

The EB-5 program was created by the Immigration Act of 1990. The program provides EB -5 immigrant investor visas (“investor visas”) to alien entrepreneurs who invest in the United States. In general terms, the EB-5 program requires an alien to “invest or be actively in the process of investing” either US $1,000,000 in urban settings or US $500,000 in rural settings in exchange for the opportunity to obtain permanent residence (a “green card”) in the US.

In addition to the minimum investment requirements, the EB-5 program requires an alien to:

  • Ensure that the investment is active or “at risk”,
  • Make the investment in a “new” or “existing business enterprise”, and
  • Demonstrate that the investment directly or indirectly results in the creation or preservation of ten full-time (at least 35 hours per week) jobs for a two year period.
Family-Based Permanent Residence Visas (Green Cards) for different family preference categories.
These include:
First preference: unmarried sons and daughters of American citizens.
Second preference: spouses, sons and daughters of lawful permanent residents.
Third preference: married sons and daughters of US citizens.
Fourth preference: brothers and sisters of US citizens.

The fastest growing segment of our practice involves employment and business-based immigration matters, particularly since the passage of the Immigration Reform Act of 1996 and the changes taking place throughout the nation with respect to the hiring of foreign professionals. An ever-increasing number of American employers have identified foreign nationals as prospective employees and thus require our specialized knowledge. We work with employers, both large and small, in the public and private sectors, to secure immigration authorization (temporary and permanent) for foreigners who seek to contribute to the economic improvement of this country.
We provide consultation to in-house counsel of major US corporations. We work with their human resource division to assist in labor condition applications (LCA), compliance review and the audit of I-9 forms.

The United States, as a nation of immigrants, continues to be enriched by the talent, resources and vitality of its newest arrivals. We are proud to be involved in assisting newcomers in coming to the US and assisting employers in their efforts to comply with the complex systems of laws and regulations governing the hiring of foreign workers.

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