Are you an employer looking to hire a foreign national in a professional (H-1B) position? For employment commencing in October, 2008 you may begin filing H-1B applications on April 1, 2008. However, based on last year’s events, the entire allocation of visas (also known as “the cap“) is expected to be exhausted within a day of that date.

Given the tremendous popularity of the H-1B visa, it is imperative that employers get their applications filed no later than April 1, 2008. In order to do so and to prepare a detailed application, you should contact us as soon as possible if you intend to file with our help.

There are 65,000 H-1B visas available for employment commencing in October, 2008. There are also 20,000 additional H-1B visas for individuals holding master’s degrees or higher degrees from U.S. colleges or universities, but these are expected to be exhausted by early April as well. Some employers are exempt from the cap, including colleges, non-profit or governmental research organizations, most universities, and entities “affiliated with or related to” colleges or universities.

Should you require our firm’s assistance with an H-1B application or any other employment based petition [green card applications, intra-company transfers (L visas), TN visas, etc.], please contact the immigration practice group at Berry Moorman at (313) 496-1200 or the attorney of your choice.