From international divorce to complex evaluation and division of business interests, our attorneys can help achieve the result you need.

Berry Moorman P.C. attorneys often work at the intersection of the Family law and Immigration law and have a special understating of the fact that International Family law issues can only be resolved when both their family and immigration problems are remedied. By collaborating with local counsel in each jurisdiction, Berry Moorman can facilitate the resolution of a broad range International Family Law issues.
We offer assistance with a broad range of International Family Law issues including:

  • Division of property across country borders

  • Creation of international prenuptial agreements

  • Enforcement of alimony and child support orders

  • Requests for relocating with children

  • Requests for traveling internationally with children

  • Strategic international divorce

  • International child custody

  • Immigration aspects of cross border marriages

  • Immigration consequences of divorces

Whether you need assistance with Enforcement of alimony and child support orders to filing for International Divorce and initiating child custody proceedings. Our attorneys bring over 25 years of experiencing in this multidisciplinary area of International Law.

If you are considering or are already involved in an international family law action, you should speak with one of our experienced international law practice group attorneys to learn about your legal rights and how you can protect your interests.

Below is a list of our International Family Law Attorneys

John J. Schrot

Ph: (248) 645-9680
Ph: (313) 496-1200
Fax: (248) 645-1233

Simon M. Edelstein
Attorney, Of Counsel

Tel: (248) 645-9680
Fax: (248) 645-1233

Randolph T. Barker

Ph: (313) 496-1200
Fax: (313) 496-1300



Presidential Proclamation 10052 Expires

U.S. Department of State announced that the travel of immigrants, fiancé visa holders, certain e change visitors, and pilots/aircrew traveling for training or aircraft pickup, delivery, or maintenance is in the national interest for purposes of approving exceptions...

White House Releases Proclamation Revoking Immigrant Visa Bans

The White House released a proclamation revoking Proclamation 10014, section 1 of Proclamation 10052, and section 1 of Proclamation 10131, which suspended immigrant visas due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak. Department of State Provided Update Regarding...


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