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Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Environmental law and environmental litigation generate some of the most challenging, complex and costly issues facing businesses and individuals today. They range from the regulatory requirements placed on day-to-day operations, responsibility arising from prior operations and activities and from the transfer of real estate or contaminated property. Such matters are often compounded by allegations of imminent or long-term threats to human health or natural resources and regularly generate strong public concern and emotion.

Our Michigan environmental attorneys have had broad experience in virtually all aspects of environmental laws, regulations, litigation and enforcement. We counsel our clients as they address and resolve state or federal “Superfund” actions; private claims against former owners, environmental class action defense; property assessments and clean-ups, including underground storage tanks; local, state or federal air, water or waste handling or disposal permitting and compliance activities; defense of permit violations; the control of toxic and hazardous substances; legislative and regulatory hearings; environmental audits and other preventative programs; specialized representation of municipal governments in environmental matters and enforcement of local environmental ordinances; and the myriad of other environmental challenges arising today.

We regularly consult with environmental experts and engineers when the need arises. We have relationships with experts in remediation, assessment of risk, responsibility for fugitive emissions, baseline assessments, migration issues, groundwater issues. Many environmental issues require a team approach and we have the depth and experience to assemble the right team of experts, scientists and engineers where necessary.

Our Ann Arbor, Birmingham, and Detroit environmental attorneys routinely represent clients with environmental challenges in their dealings with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and in all state and federal courts.